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As some of you know sisterwives.com has been around for quite some time, We started this website just as a nothing project to see what we could do with it in 2009 under the name of sisterwives.us Once upon a time it was a free site, It just grew and grew with quite a lot of success to our surprise. We decided that we would keep the site up and running.
Between the years 2013-2017 Sisterwives.com was hired for casting quite a number of shows, including 2 series and a documentary, one of the series fell through in December of 2013 after quite a bit of work and we were quite upset by this, but we kept pushing. In 2016 sisterwives.com was contacted for another casting opportunity, which we took, and then along came an additional network for a documentary that we also will appear on. Both of these will be airing this fall so stay tuned.
Last year in 2016, we discussed purchasing the .com for sister wives, however, it was at a steep cost and we waited, not wanting to lose the domain we decided that in 2017, we needed to go ahead and purchase it. As to the changeover in May 2017.
During the 7 years that sisterwives.com has been around we have seen many blessings of family’s being completed, Many are back looking for their 3rd or more wives. To date we have seen over 100 successful matches and joining’s to families.
Sisterwives.com is at the front of the online polygamy dating world and have an unmatched global reach. It is the largest 100% real Polygamy dating site that there is. We maintain and watch everything ourselves. We check every profile to make sure people are who they say they are and handle issues accordingly.  We keep a close eye out and depend on our members to help us if they are having or seeing issues. It takes every one of you to make this site as great as it is so we thank you all.
We love to be part of this community and with the right people; we can launch Polygamy into a completely new light to others that see this type of relationship in a negative light. It is all of you that make this possible.

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