TLC’s Sister Wives, Has it Own Dating Site!

Hey Guys, So I was doing some research on polygamy dating and I came across some exciting news! Seems Sister Wives or someone Affiliated with TLC or the Series started a Polygamy Dating website, and I checked it out for my self to see how legit it was and if it is a good place to start your search if you are a single women looking for a polygamist relationship.

Well My Answer is Yes! But I would say to Hold off until they have more women if you are a couple as the Single Women to Couple Ratio is a little high, as in they have 2 couples for every single woman.

However if you are a single woman, than I would say go for it, the site free for single women so you have nothing to lose.

Oh The Name of the Site is SISTERWIVES.COM . If you want to start a polygamist family like me or the Browns than I would say that is probably a good place to start. I wouldn’t recommend FB Groups as they tend to be less productive and finding or becoming a sister wife.

Disclaimer: We were unable to contact TLC to confirm if Sister Wives Dating belongs to them, but from my research it seems possible.

The Polygamist


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